Challenge rewards not showing up

I have been able to clear the 3rd since of the first challenge twice now and gotten lucky enough to roll over 12 on the 20d, but both times the reward did not show up in my inventory. I thought I was imagining things, but I paid close attention then second time and looked exactly for what I got

These 2 rolls rewards are the wizard pants and warlock chest.

you are showing us the wizard chest inventory, check your other pages.

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Hey there, @Tmicoley, as @deathmessia pointed out: the 4x Epic armor that you won was not for Shevarith but rather for Farideh!

Here is that image though I had gotten that item in a diamond purchased pack
So can someone verify the

It definitely doesn’t show the amount of a particular item if you have it selected and have already upgraded it… That said, if you feel like you did not receive that item, reach out to our team at they will take a closer look at your account.