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Challenge Room Questions

Hello all,

I like this game and so far everything seems easy to understand, but I have a few questions about challenge rooms. I see locked rooms with character names, so I put that character in my party but it still doesn’t unlock? Also, as you progress I see little arrows pointing to the room on the left or right. Do they mean anything?

If there’s a general guide somewhere about challenge rooms that would be helpful.

Thanks in advance,


My theory is before every room there a narrative and the arrow is to tell us which room the story goes with

I believe there is also a number which indicates that the named character must achieve that level for the party to enter.

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Indeed, you should see a number on the locked door, indicating the level the Hero needs to be to unlock it.

I find it a good motivator to level up certain characters; I’ve been focusing on my ranger to get him up to 17 for a certain room!

I think the “Arrow” you see is simply an artifact of the text modal (down arrow to indicate itthe modal has gone down). As far as I can tell, it holds no meaning. What you do want to pay attention to are the icons on the doors that indicate what type of monster you’ll find within.

During the beta phase players were advised the arrows above the challenge room doorways directed players to the ‘easier’ route. I assume this is still the case.

It seems from my experience just finishing lightfinger that the arrows are now random. I followed the arrow into a room and faced some monster that crushed me. The next time the arrow was on the opposite side so I went into the same side I had gone into previously thinking the monsters would follow the arrow, because of the storyline theory, and found the same monsters as before and got crushed. The next time through I went into the other side and got different monsters, they crushed me too but at least they were different lol.

I’ve only seen this from players but I also wasn’t around during beta.

What is your source for the advice?

The arrows actually indicate the direction of the narrative. The audio and text that appears provides an additional hint as to what enemies lie ahead, and the arrow indicates which room that hint refers to.

This hint is in addition to the symbols on the doors themselves, which are indicating humanoids, undead, etc. But when you see the symbol for humanoids, you don’t know exactly what kind. (I’m not 100% of the below, I’m trying to remember examples from lower level challenges) But if the text says there are “one eyed skulls high above the archway”, then you have orcs ahead, and I believe that message is specific to an eye of gruumsh. “You nearly trip into the grooves carved by a heavily laden cart” is just general orcs. A “raucous chorus of yelps and cheers” are kobold or goblin minions.

@retsamerol I do not recall the source directly, but I am confident it was from the developers. I did not discover the forum until much later.

However, there is an outside chance I picked this information up elsewhere.

Wind through hollow bones or whatever is skeletons
Feline yowl is the female demons
Scrape of metal is the animated armour

The arrow is the story line and typically the monsters inside will fit the storyline but sometimes there doesn’t seem to be a relationship

As Orloch said in the early days it was stated that the alternative to the arrows was more challenging, not sure who this came from

Thank you all for your helpful replies. I did however notice that even with the proper leveled hero, I needed to try different hero combinations to unlock the room. Is that unusual?

I’m not quite sure what you mean. The hero specific rooms in challenges only require the specified hero is alive, in your party, and at or above the specified level. The hero and level are specified on the door, and is not hidden.

There are a different kind of special room called “secret rooms” that appear. These will not be apparent, and will be disguised as terrain/building unless its conditions are met. I don’t know how those conditions work.

What happened is that I had the right hero at the right level, but I needed to switch other party members for the room to reappear.