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Challenge updates

So, is it just me or did the update really amp up the challenges? I noticed that although I can still win Frostsilver, he’s gotten much tougher. My characters are far more likely to miss (including the wall) and they do less damage, while Frostsilver does more damage. I also noticed that the Hidden Forge has gotten tougher. I realized that it is virtually impossible to win room 9 with characters as weak as mine (level 11), but with the new update, getting through room 7 has become much tougher and less likely.

My hunch is that the devs know that this game is a grind and since people play the same challenges over and over, they increase the power to try to force players to spend RL $ in order to get better gear.

It’s been reported a few times that challenges have become harder with Update 12.

However, the forum mods inquired directly with the devs and they were told no changes to difficulty was implemented in the update.

My unconfirmed suspicion is that the difficulty was altered to scale with character stats or gear a few updates ago, but there was a bug that prevented the scaling from actually taking effect. Then with update 12 they fixed the bug so we see the scaling take effect.

This would let the devs honestly say that no difficulty update to the challenges were implemented in update 12, even if it was the update when the players first experience the increase in difficulty.

I think it is a scaling issue because some players have experienced increased difficulty while others have not.

Interesting take on the issue.

I found and flagged this concern immediately after update 12. Prior to update 12, I could easily complete the Heartcoil Deeps challenge. After update 12, I would sometimes only get 1d20.
The mods checked with the developers who advised no changes has been made. I initially considered my experience to be an anomaly, but evidence later proved changes had occurred.

I started mapping my opponents in rooms 7 & 8 of the challenge. The opponents evolved over time becoming increasingly difficult. A few patterns were visible with the same monsters recurring in different rooms, levelled according to progression through the challenge. Over time the monsters would either change, increase in number or increase in level.

It has only been over the past few weeks where I am confident I will successfully complete the event on each run.

This seems to correspond with the notion of some scaling occurring within the challenges.

This constant increase in difficulty has reached a point that it is completely ridiculous. I did defeat the mindflayer boss from the Heartcoil Deeps months ago a couple of times, but usually I got killed in the rooms 7-8. Back then, the Dragon from Harvested Mountain was dangerous in his last stage but the rest was an easy ride.

Now, around 2 levels above and may upgrades in gear, I have trouble to defeat the mindflayer in stage 6 and mobs from stages 7-8 of Harvested Mountain can one-shot most of my lvl13-14 characters now.

I understand a little bit of escalation, but this… starts to feel like a joke.

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