Challenges - Sharp Stone Keep

What lvl do you need to defeat the lvl9 Boss.
I get there about 90% of the time, usually with 1 or 2 remaining party members (lvl5&6) and the get my head handed to me.

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At about your level you will start beating it. It will depend on your equipment and strategy. Notice that most bosses have attack patterns you can plan for.

Keep grinding the dungeon. I also started killing that L9 boss in Sharpstone reliably at around L5-6. My preferred patten was to get tanks up in the front row and back them with ranged attackers right behind them. The giant will only attack the front row but can’t push them back. Just gotta make sure your tanks can take the hits and get healed fast enough to wear him down.

FWIW, I’m about L8-9 now and hitting the same thing in the next challenge dungeon. But I don’t run that one as often because Sharpstone is still more profitable.

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