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Champion statue

Another idea why not add a statue that has each champion on it either just a single one of a statue with all of them they take forever to get but the champions are very good at defend brawl and maybe not others but for me very good fish and wood collectors the status could give them a little stats boost in brawl only a little give them a bigger recourse collection rate than the statues of the dragons the champions are or make them either a little faster or more health of damage in defend I know there are already statues that do this but it would effect only the champions giving them a little edge well more of an edge than they kinda already have its just an idea and I would really like to have an Amber statue with all 5 champions on it or maybe 5 separate statues each boosting a single thing on each champion leave a reply I do enjoy feedback I can’t be the only person who would like a champion dragons statue

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