[Championship] Jurassic World Alive | Andrewtops Alliance Championship - December 2021

Hello DPG members,

Below are the rules and rewards for this specific Championship. For more detailed information related to Championships, see HERE: Championship Overview


  • Start: December 07, 2021
  • End: January 03, 2022


  • Audience
    • Alliances
  • Goal
    • With your Alliance, gather alliance points to win elements of the themed Super Hybrid at the end of the current Championship.



well that is that :frowning:

Hmmmmmmmmm ok, I guess that is good?

Andrewtops is alright

Can we please get a Unique whose name starts with P or D next time ?

Mm yes arcotops for paratops hybrid

So what’s new about the AC?

Could care less for Andrewtops, but the mass of arctops will be good.

For sure could have had a worse pick, though not really what i was hoping for.

Oh well, maybe i will work on leveling it up soon.

Finally I can stop doing it’s RNG fest chore of a raid. I can wait for January to unlock it my dinodex is still going to be missing the bear deer for a long time anyway


awsome,i can´t wait to get this.

Well… meh… Really hate this thing with its insane raids designed to waste our time.

Not bad. The boss is annoying tho

Is this a 5 week AC?

10 chars

Yea, I think we are all in that boat sadly.

Andrewtops is ok