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[Championship] Jurassic World Alive | Geminititan Alliance Championship - June 2021

Hello DPG members,

Below are the rules and rewards for this specific Championship. For more detailed information related to Championships, see HERE: Championship Overview

Note: We’ve added some extra rewards to celebrate Jurassic World Alive’s anniversary!


  • Start: June 08, 2021
  • End: July 05, 2021


  • Audience
    • Alliances
  • Goal
    • With your Alliance, gather alliance points to win elements of the themed Super Hybrid at the end of the current Championship.



You should update the tier requirements for May. You screwed up with week 3 the breaking the servers in the last hours of the month.

Yey more diplo dha

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Nice to mix it up, but hopefully you won’t just recycle the same uniques and not give hybrids to creatures who aren’t superhybrids but have exclusives like acrocanthops and grylenken


Yes recycle the same uniques cause they all have exclusive DNA and all of them are mostly good.

Yeah…that will not get stale at all

We usually go to tier 8 at 5 weeks alliance championship but because of that stupid medal system we had to collect tier 7 rewards this month…


Of course you have this AFTER I get gemeni to 30

I see theres no bonus rewards this time, y’all realized you gave us too much free stuff huh

The extra rewards was for the month of the 3rd anniversary of the game, not a new monthly reward.


even killer raptors didnt reach tier 10 only reach tier 9

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