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[Championship] Jurassic World Alive | Geminititan Alliance Championship - September 2020

Ya why


And look

That is kool gen 1 it’s suppose to be gen 2

Click on the picture
why is all these few months picture wrong

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Because they lack attention to detail. It’s all rush rush rush.


Oh yeah geminititan NEW incubator

I like the line up here and the rewards are solid. Should be fun

Thnks for the incubator absolluty

This incubator is amazing really thank you very much ludia

nice. great championship

This is amazing but I’m confused how to defeat the boss

Dinosaurs are great and more to be able to create them with these incubators

I feel like this is filling with nonsense spam? @Ned @J.C

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I wish, with the most recent update, you would’ve refunded any boosts on Ardentismaxima. Because now, having is drop in health and armor, even with boosts he’s a bench warmer at best. And 50% return is ludicrous. Any way we can get the option for our boosts returned? Now that they can barely be purchased, I find them even more valuable.