[Championship] Jurassic World Alive | Indotaurus Alliance Championship - March 2022

Hello DPG members,

Below are the rules and rewards for this specific Championship. For more detailed information related to Championships, see HERE: Championship Overview

Important Note: Stat Boost Tokens will only appear in the incubators after you update to version 2.14.


  • Start: March 02, 2022
  • End: April 04, 2022


  • Audience
    • Alliances
  • Goal
    • With your Alliance, gather alliance points to win elements of the themed Super Hybrid at the end of the current Championship.



So do you mean if update 2.14 comes out in the middle of the month and we update, we can get the tokens at the end of the month?

Can you show the token amounts per incubator?

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Remind me which of these components is exclusive again?


None. They’re kinda changing things up a bit because in December they had scorp G3 and none of it’s components are exclusive

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@E.D thanks for releasing the information for the next championship and the tournaments now instead of later. :100:


I’ll take it! The carno should be enough for 30 scorpg3

I had a guess that we’d eventually get Indotaurus, even if none of the components are exclusive. Happy with it though!

…Any chance of an Apex championship in the future, perhaps…? Probably not, but a guy can dream.


None. They did the same for phorurex championship and I’m still so mad. Everyone has one of the most broken dinos in the game and it’s just max boosted. So stupid


Since this last update I am not allowed to remove or promote anyone in my alliance. I can also no longer see what needs upgrading.

Yo umm im kinda trash at the game but can u play ofline?

Yo I just started and I’m already on top of this world Cause some of my friends on the bus play it,one of my friends taught me how to play I just found it and I love it

10 char