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[Championship] Jurassic World Alive | Monolorhino Alliance Championship - March 2021

Hello DPG members,

Below are the rules and rewards for this specific Championship. For more detailed information related to Championships, see HERE: Championship Overview


  • Start: March 01, 2021
  • End: April 05, 2021


  • Audience

    • Alliances
  • Goal

    • With your Alliance, gather alliance points to win elements of the themed Super Hybrid at the end of the current Championship.



Awesome. With all this exclusive rhino dna I might be able to get my mrhino to 30


Now I’m just waiting to see what the tournaments are


Fantastic looking forward to this. Now just need to collect the coins. Normally get good one on the 5 week ones

Another useless championship.

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Oh god, finally userful superhybrid instead of useless bird or frog (maybe because you forgot about adding another one, but good for us), thanks Ludia!


Nice, looking forward too it

I’m gonna create mrhino and probably level it up to 25 or so with this and the monthly thanks Ludia watch out avairy

Mehrhino Championship! :joy:


As expected, the last unique with an execlusive component, idk what the next one would be tho

The day mrhino is useless in 2.5 is the day i grow wings and fly to the center of the earth


Yes omg I was waiting for this to happen! Now I can save my Rhino DNA for Keratoporcus.

Glad I’m mostly retired from the arena… I do not want to see all the high-damage swap in monsters from here on out…


Why is the daily reward woolly rhino if were also getting this ? at least make it something else maybe diplo or something

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I love this I’m gonna go from almost able to create mrhino to like a level 24-25 one @Wyvernix why don’t you like it lol mrhino is good for ceramagnus and top 10 dino

I don’t abuse swap in and i’m gonna be annoyed seeing so fricking many high level mrhinos and woollys.
You think that’s fun to face ? swap ins are annoying asf and only low players abuse it for free takedowns

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Only low players. Yeah right. Check the leaderboard and count the rhinos lol

low as in they can’t win without

It’s such a strong tool, not using it is handicapping yourself