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[Championship] Jurassic World Alive | Tenontorex Alliance Championship - May 2021

Hey thats actually decent!


happy cake day! :cake:

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for an alliance that only has half participation for championships, its not bad. trying to see if they’ll bite for the extra rewards and at least get more participation for rank 7.

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this is Tier 10 reward… A nice new badge

Very nice badge indeed :ok_hand:

why is mammolania rewards? did I miss something?

Its 3 year anniversary so there doing bonus rewards
Gonna want to be in a good alliance

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Badge is available for all incubator levels.

It looks like the leaked badges of ardentis and quetzorion will be obtained in their own alliance championship.

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I meant for tento and mammo

Well I still wont be able to unlock Mamo, but I wont snub the extra rewards either. The Teno DNA will be nice for a few extra levels.

What are the tournament creatures we can use?

lovely championship.

So what creatures can we use for each week?

Look in Tournaments

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