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[Championship] Jurassic World Alive | Testacornibus Alliance Championship - April 2021

Don’t forget it’s hybrid can become the best healer for raids
An idea for a hybrid
Note: Healing Counter will heal ALL teammates

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Honestly? this is amazing for me, because my alliance didn’t do so well during this championship last year


OH snapz… So we really not doing every Unique that we have?

AWWWWW I wanted to do a Toura Championship ;;-;;

I guess so… I do like the idea of playing with Testa.

Apart from the fact that Testacornibus is actually a pretty decent Unique, if we are recycling Championships, that’ll at least mean we have something to look forward to next month [Championship] Jurassic World Alive | Tenontorex Alliance Championship - May 2020

This is an okay one imo, especially for nasuto dna. Also, the first testa championship was busted in terms of points. The points for higher tiers were out of control. And more of a test run.


exactly. when it came out I was low level and only got 8 DNA for testa, and now I have it after so long so I am ecstatic for this tournament

Sauropods brachiosaurus me buka

Translated From Indonesian

“Sauropods brachiosaurus opens”

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