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[Championship] Jurassic World Alive | Utarinex Alliance Championship - January 2021

Hello DPG members,

Below are the rules and rewards for this specific Championship. For more detailed information related to Championships, see HERE: Championship Overview


  • Start: January 05, 2021
  • End: February 01, 2021


  • Audience
    • Alliances
  • Goal
    • With your Alliance, gather alliance points to win elements of the themed Super Hybrid at the end of the current Championship.



10 char


Ok not complaining I could unlock him

i’ll take it. any amount for me is good.

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Yessss. My dracorex is ready to be beefed

It’s not so bad. I still need to unlock Rinex.

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Already lv30…
Would like those Draco DNA for level up itself though.

Apparently the leaks on YouTube were speaking the truth then!

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Hm. Maybe now i will invest a little into rinex

Rinex is cool, noice.
On the other hand, more Sino equals more Thors :grimacing:

The Terminator Parrott…come with me if you want to live!

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It’s an ok choice. Better than Poukandactylus but worse than Monolorhino


What worries me is mrhino in february not sure how many tournaments are we gonna have

I’ve pretty much been saying mrhino will just be outshined by ceramagnus in the future so it’s not really something I’m fussed about (unless you run double swap in)

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That’s true but only if you are strong enough to do the apex raids^^

Yeah mrhino is still good on its own anyway

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sweet, now i can have a 5th unique at 400+/MAX :face_vomiting:

I hope that you will put thoradolosaur one day in tournaments that will be awesome !!!

Exept if its components become execlusive no.