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[Championship] Jurassic World Alive | Utarinex Alliance Championship - January 2021

The arena would be bigger chaos than it already is.


It’ll be good for me


But anyway, Utarinex won’t be bad, maybe I can get it up to L26-27 now without FIPing. I would’ve really liked Poukan or maybe one of the Mammo’s but oh well.


i think i can already get, but yes. time to get something really good at level 23. i personally would like to start moving onto normal uniques like tryko cuz there are only a few left outside of rinex.


None of the mammoth hybrids have any exclusive dna, so they will not be featured

TECHNICALLY, it’s possible, as at the time of their championship TenRex and Max had no true exclusive creatures as components


Yeah but i don’t think they would revert mammoth to execlusive, tho it would give it’shybruds quite a right to be strong(not op)…

That’s what I was thinking yeah. I’d say best odds though for next championship is probably whatever Unique gets introduced in 2.4. Seems to be the way it’s been going.

If it can help me counter whale Thors better I’m all for it


They finally did the picture right :partying_face:


Time to Max Dracorex! Dont care too much about Utahrhinex, but thanks so much for the Dracorex!!!

Still need a little more for Utasino to reach level 30, so I’ll take it.

Hi I am new here

We are screwed :pensive:

I was wondering why you don’t post the weekly formats for the tournament in a pinned message. more than half the time I can’t find it on the forum, and it’s important because if you put a dino in a sanctuary, you can’t use it in the tournament

Try ‘watching’ these categories by clicking the :bell: button.

I actually love new posts more than updating existing pinned posts, so that I can at least receive notifications about new content.

They should always pin the latest posts though.

I still don’t see the format of this weekend tournament… only post this month brings me back to this thread

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well, I agree it’s a bit hard to find it, since all the official posts scatter across multiple categories. I really hope Ludia can consolidate all them into one single category here.

Here’s the tournament post.

Love it but need to work on your skills

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