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Championship rewards limit?

What’s people’s thoughts on championship rewards being claimed by players other than the 50 that achieved them? Having seen that today a rather large group is starting a “championship coop” it begs the question of whether this is cheating or exploiting the fact that anyone can hop to an alliance and claim their top tier rewards that they didn’t earn.
Does Ludia really intend for this to be the way championships are run? Infinite number of players can hop through an alliance and gain top dna rewards. Surely not!
A cap of 50 players claiming is the only solution!!


I know you can only have 50 players worth of accounts adding points. Are people actually doing this? Cause that seems like taking advantage of an exploit which is against tos. Doesn’t matter if the mechanics allow it.


Yep I’ve seen a recruiting ad.

Alert ludia directly. They can probably check how many people have run through an alliance claiming the rewards. Screen cap the ad you’ve seen for them as well.

Email already being written by me and lots of top players I know.


This is why we can’t have nice things.


It’s good. We don’t need to do anything.

Its a old corrupt system already.
Alliances invites specific Players to their Top Tier Reward. As a “Gift”

You really dont have to do Tourneys, just 1 Single Battle, after Championship is over, hop to the top ally, collect their reward and then go back where you were before… - stupid but works…

This is a really easy fix if it’s a system already being abused. Cap the number of AC incubators rewarded to 50 per alliance. There’s a counter that shows how many incubators have been claimed and after 50 have been claimed, then that’s it. There are no more. :woman_shrugging:


It would be a good thing to write an article about.
It’s so common place that there are a lot of people who are generally anti-cheat/exploit that don’t see it in a bad light.
Might make them think twice about participating in something like this if they see the other side of the story.


What’s wrong with that?
Maybe limit amount of FIPs from shared sancs as well?

Wait people are going to different alliance to get the rewards

For those comparing this tournament exploit to the sharing of sanctuaries by alliances in a Co-op. This is NOT the same at all and Ludia did clarify this long ago when sanctuaries first started. When sanctuaries were first introduced, Ludia stated their position and guidance on the formation of Alliance cooperatives. Ludia said “sanctuaries are meant to bring alliances together to cooperate.”
Tournaments however, are not meant to be alliances working together. They are meant to be a friendly competition between alliances- competing against each other.


I honestly really hate this, it just kind of unfair. Last championship our high alliance failed to reach T9, ironically the member of lower alliance (really casual) kind of forced us to push harder. I hope Ludia will fix this.


Plain and simple this is an exploit and there needs to be a cap. If you didn’t earn the rewards you shouldn’t collect. It’s cheating


The game already keeps on track of the Top50 players of each alliances as only those are taken into account for the Alliance total trophies.
Meaning the players « deserving » the rewards are already identified and instead of the reward being sent to an alliance and being collectable by any player hoping in that alliance, it should be sent to the 50 members that contributed the most over the AC.

Shouldn’t be hard to fix and finally get rid of an exploit that has been an issue since the introduction of the AC.

There’s a reason why Alliances have a member cap in the first place.
This competition is called Alliance Championship for a reason.
Sanctuaries were meant to build coop, Ludia admitted it themselves, Championship is an alliance thing.

Anyone would be praising an alliance being able to pull out T10 in a 4 weeks AC because it’s incredibly difficult and asks a tremendous commitment. Should it be done through an exploit that allows you to offer a rent to X others alliances because you will use their Top player to achieve it ? All this because you can’t do it on your own through usual recruitment ?
I mean whether it’s to prove a point to Ludia that T10 should also be reachable in 4 weeks AC or not, it’s totally against the spirit of the game and of competition.
That’s as simple as this and every real competitor that want to earn his reward should feel this way.


The mental gymnastics required to argue that this is not cheating is not humanly possible.


The only reason why I think they would not remove this exploit is because they might not want to deal with customer service responses, if a person is kicked out of an alliance and still wants the awards they think they help earned.
Many alliances do have an attrition rate, but I can’t imagine an alliance with an attrition rate higher than 10% getting very high rewards and actually worth joining versus another alliance for people who are into alliance hopping.

So I suggest a solution of sorts to minimize customer service calls/emails, and to drastically limit this exploit.
Make the rewards go to the 50 top earners plus up to 3 more creating a hard cap total of 53 with a preference of the rewards first going to the 50 people still in the alliance.
This will drastically reduce this exploit and reduce customer service calls.


Thats a good idea. A little leeway for mistakes to happen. But it should not be endless.


A lot of effort goes into being a true championship player. I see no harm in this practice. It is tough enough to recruit and prevent burnout especially when the meta is constantly changing. We have no true way of knowing which players are doing their part unless they are obvious contributors. Those players should get an added benefit. It is simply an incentive. Also a true reward when it comes to return on investment to players that level and boost advantage Dino’s.