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Championships Monthly Alliance rewards should be changed,

No alliance came close to getting the Tier 7 reward.
Tier 8, Tier 9, and Tier 10 are obviously out of reach.

5 alliances will get a slightly better reward for breaking 500,000 and reaching Tier 6.
These alliances worked very hard and sacrificed a lot of time to get all their players to work together.
But one could argue so did everybody above 300,000. Remember not all players start at a high number.
If all 50 players of an alliance just get 10 take downs for each event for the bonus (1000, 1000, 1000, 200) that is a bare minimum of 250,000. That is instant Tier 4. But most of those players are going to get a minimum of 200 points each (200,200,200,400) That brings them up to Tier 5 of 350,000. The gap between tier 5 and tier 6 of 500,000 points is vast. Only 5 alliances made it past 500,000 points. But of note at least 100 alliances got to 400,000. There is nothing that actually recognizes that accomplishment and effort.
So the difference in rewards between an alliance that has each members do the bare minimum and maybe put in 20 to 30 minutes for each even for each player versus an alliance that puts in most likely 1 to 2 hours per each player per event appears to be 0.
Those top 100 alliance most likely had many players put more than 3 hours each per event and got nothing for their alliance. No recognition . No laurel leaf crowns for being in the top 100. Only 5 alliances sacrifices were actually recognized,and that recognition in rewards was only 50% better than teams that put in a thousand hours less.
The rewards do not justify the returns.
Sure the individual rewards are good for many, but it is an insult to those top 100 alliances as well as the top 5 alliances.
There is no way any alliance can get to tier 7 in this current format, without sacrificing countless hours and possibly preventing anybody else from making it to Tier 6. That type of format would not generate recognition, as much as it would generate hate for a team of people who live eat and breath this game.
Only 1 alliance broke 550,000 and most of those players finished in the top 500 if not the top 50 for each event.

So I propose a new reward scale based on point totals.

Tier 10: 550,000 Alliance points
Tier 9: 500,000 Alliance points
Tier 8: 450,000 Alliance points
Tier 7: 400,000 Alliance points
Tier 6: 350,000 Alliance points
Tier 5: 300.000 Alliance points
Tier 4: 250,000 Alliance points
Tier 3: 200,000 Alliance points
Tier 2: 100,000 Alliance points
Tier 1: 50,000 Alliance points

Now I don’t expect the rewards to be the same, although they should be and awarded retroactively, but at least the top tier rewards would be achievable to the top teams and they would get some kind of recognition, without requiring some massive quality of life degradation.


Cool to see someone actually thinking things through. :+1: (ludia please take notes! By the way: calculators do exist and do not harm you)
I like your proposal !