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Chances for a 4 star are way too low!

So hi again! Soo I got enough medals to purchase a premium token and so I got it.I got to the premium tokens and saw something that really made me shocked.THE FOUR STARS ARE NOW ALMOST 1%?!?!?
Yeah I kinda freaked out a little…weren’t the 5 stars only <1%? And the four stars had like 2.3% of getting one!Now the 5 and 4 stars are <1%??? I really dont like this and just want to know why? What’s the explanation?? that really sucks…

The more dragons a they add, the lower the chances go.

That said, this does seem like more than just diluting the pool. With easier access to tokens, I guess they lowered the percentages.

Weird since they give 4* away with alphas

It seems to be harder to breed 4* too. I have done a few 4* with 4* and it never took longer than 6 attempts. I am currently on my 12th attempt with my latest… It’s ok for those who have a clan strong enough to open level 7 chests, but mine isn’ t past level 5.

The 4 stars used to have a 1.2% chance but now they added two more species you can draft, which dropped it below 1%.

Your chance at a 3 star is 80% your chance at a 4 star is 17% and your chance at a 5 star is 3%. That doesn’t appear to have changed, adding up the 3 stars is close to 80%

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Worse is I did a 4K draw of the New Species. Thinking to get something on “higher chance”.

4 warcry; 4 frostfang ; 2x4*; Zero - new species

This is normaal for Lydia. Get your attention with something awesome and you get crap.


Yeah you are right now the only good way to obtain them is literally to buy them! and in the breedery…oh my god…earlier it was soo easy to obtain them from breeding…now it’s almost impossible.I spent all of my fish for 3 stars…AND when chances were better I got to get like 2-3 four stars from breeding…Lydia you disappointed me.