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Change all swap-in damage dealers

Swap-in moves are a great and interesting twist to the game that allow deeper strategy. It can come with many different effects! Shielding. Wounding. Ferocious. Stunning. Slowing. Critical increase. You name it!

We can think up some more effects that could make the game more awesome!

  • Nullify.
  • Deflect effect (immunity)
  • Slowing
  • Intimidate (decrease opponents crit chance)
  • Copycat (return the favour if you survive attack)

Swapping happens before any other battle action. This is what makes swap-in moves fun and powerful. Dealing any kind of damage by simply swapping is not counterable unless you are pinned. However. Pinning is meant to end a dino, not meant to protect against swap in damage. Which, you could never see coming, as we don’t see our opponents team before play.

It makes so much sense to me that all kinds of swap-in strikes really do no good to the game at all. Especially in the case of draco gen2. DSR priority over anything else. However, removing all swap-in damage dealers overall is the best choice to clear up all the mess. Thoughts please :pray: :grin:

Don’t worry, once people have spent enough real world money buying coins to level up their dracoG2, Ludia will nerf it, remove the swap in rampage, and laugh all the way to the bank.


What I can’t wait for is when the teams that rely on Draco to win swiftly tumble down the rankings when it inevitably gets nerfed.


I just had the pleasure of playing against a bot with 2 draco g2… good times.

Learn how to strategize before claiming something is op! Nuff said

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Unless you are using Rajakylosaurus, or any other of the better dinos with pinning such as sarcorixis’s lockdown, these swapin strikes are going to get you and there is no way to see it coming.

My point of this threat is that all swapin effects should be without dealing actual damage. Swap in wound could be an exception. Unless you can reason with us why swapin strikes should stay in the game, you shouldn’t just post something like ‘deal with it’. Put value to your post please.

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I think the copycapt move it will very interesting or “reflect” and the move of the draco gen 2 i wouldn’t change the skill because it’s part of the game, but the thing that i would change it’s that SIA skills like and the “X” power must be balanced on the rarity of the dinos

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