Change Allosinasauras to have Defense Shattering!


I try not to complain to much but when they decided to give allosauras defense shattering and nearly every other Dino a sheilds or an upgrade of some sort… How comes they didn’t do this for the legendary… Your buffing the common Dino instead of the legendary… Are you trying to promote that people should only bother to catch commons??

Not being funny but you should refund my in-game cash as I don’t want a level 24 Allosina sitting there with useless abilities now.


+1 this game have no sense when upgraded dinos have worst habilitys stats than his ingredients


It’s crazy… you have the following:

Commons = Ermmm… well that prob means… not very good, as in the name :stuck_out_tongue:

Rare = Should be better…

Hybrids = Much better, as it is a combination of dinos…

Epic = Yep, They are the best of this lot…

Legendary = Hmmmm… what could this mean Ludia??? I know… An elite set of dinos right??? So why would you upgrade the common, but not the legendary? :smiley:

Your so quick to make decisions and not think before you make them… Then you wonder why you get an influx of unnecessary emails, which you obviously can’t cope with. All that cash I spent upgrading the dino, just for you to then nerf it?

Hmmm… Now to wait till Halloween for a generic reply :sunny:


We got to wait till’ new update and new meta coz’ Allosinosaurus will have a unique super hybrid too! Changes are coming my friends!


I really hope this isn’t true. It’s hard enough to put so much DNA into utahsinoraptor. To also have to split that into allisinosaurus as well would be awful.


That wouldn’t justify my investment in Allosina lol… It;s like saying to every player out there, don’t level up your dinos above level 20… Only level up uniques! Not every player can find all that DNA or have that much money to invest in this game… So you make the most of what you have and try and have fun. Errr… but they still manage to mess you up by buffing nearly every other dino! Just doesn’t work for me…:frowning:


That’s your decision… Personally I have both Allo and Utha… However, my powerhouse was Allo until they did the update. Yes, find Sinoceratops can be hard and thats why you need to either choose Allo or Utah…