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Change Arena mechanism?

Main idea below, written in bold. (For anyone shocked by the amount of text explaining.)

It’s about how Arena mechanisms work at the moment, because one is coming across the same team choices over and over (Tricky, Toothless, some additional tank or a Sawmaw etc). It seems like there are dragons that are monsters in Arena and everyone who got these dragons uses them, and as there are only few, there is no diversity in defense teams - but is this intended by Ludia? In campaign and Alpha it’s a very clear message of “work with what you got” as well as “team composition and strategy is the key” and you have a lot of possible (very good to amazing) team choices to beat a quest / fight an Alpha.

So this is what someone in my clan suggested and I’m totally with that point of view - luckily I was allowed to post the suggestion as the one suggesting doesn’t use social media:

Instead of giving the option to reroll and change your team, adjust everything to a pre-chosen team.
Leading to a procedure of fighting like this:

  • choose your attack team
  • choice is not changeable anymore once you decide to search for an opponent
  • you’re matched with an opponent with similar (same) or lower BP
  • maybe an option to back down from the battle so you don’t lose trophies and your win streak, but of course energy is lost

First of all, this strategy leads to being matched with similar strong players based on BP instead of trophies. Numbers of trophies can be random as some strong players are stuck in lower leagues etc. and especially weaker players are struggling very hard to get decent matches.
This mechanism would not only give people a chance who are currently starting to play TU or took a pause for some months but also enhance options to be creative for all players.

If you set a weaker defense team, you get attacked by weaker enemy teams (not necessarily weaker players) - let’s see if a revenge would be possible? (For revenge same rule: only an attacking team with same or lower BP allowed).
As a player that’s playing and advancing since months, would you rather take all of your best dragons to battle or go with your old 3 star teams to see if you could still adjust your strategy?
Would you try to take one very good dragon and some just-trained 2 stars for your defense team? What if your attacker does the same for the attack team?

It’s only a first idea so there might be weaknesses.
What do you think about that mechanism? Especially compared to the current one?


Judging by bp is a terrible idea.
Not everyone has a sawmaw and a murmurquill.
I can defeat defense team that don’t have sawmaw and murmurquill, even if it’s a few hundreds bp stronger than mine, but if there are these two, even if a few hundreds bp weaker team would be nearly impossible to defeat for me. And these two hardly need assistance from teammates to make them monstrous.
To make a team more vulnerable than bp suggests I can put weak ones or non-invasive ones in the first three slot and put stronger ones in reinforcement, and to make a team harder to defeat than bp suggests, I can just place three powerful dragons in it.
BP is not to be trusted, at least for now.
Instead of banning the use of powerful dragons, I think just weaken the attack team to the same bp would be better. Not everyone get enough resource to create so many teams, and I guess if there are such limits, those with 600 bp team stronger than me might have problem forming a team with just slightly lower bp than mine. Maybe they would have to use a team of 4, I guess? And some players may not even get to use the best dragons in their best defense team when they’re revenging the same defense team as theirs.
Surely it can solve the problem of deliberately dropping to guarantee win rate of attack team. But still I would drop for tier rewards.

Most of the problems with arena don’t have anything to do with the matchmaking system, but more with the actual mechanics of the fight.

  1. Spirit generation is faster on the defense team, they only have 3 dragons and every turn they gain a set amount of spirit and on top of that gain spirit from every tile that hits them.

  2. Some abilities are much better on a defensive team than they are on the offensive team (counterattack for example or most of the all foes ability, such as toothless spirit loss or you know Sawmaws and Murmurs AoE attacks)

These 2 things in my opinion make arena impossible to balance. And also the reason why you only see certain dragons. Changing the defense buff nor the way matchmaking works won’t help solving this. They should redo the way arena fight works itself (perhaps just turn it into a 5v5 or reduce the spirit generation from defending dragons and to compensate increase the frequency of their basic attacks)