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Change back Evasive Stance

The title says it all.
It needs to be 75% or 66.7% dodge chance again at the very minimum

50% chance to negate 66.7% damage means 33.35% reduction average. On paper. And don’t get me started on the false rng this game has when you can lose 6 x 75% dodge in a row on the regular, when the game decides you will lose.

50% dodge was fine when you could dodge Entire hits, but for a move that only dodges, 50% is unacceptable, when sidestep is GUARANTEED and both cloak has 75%

Not to mention everyone and their mother has access to the anti-dodge basic attack, so if you get creamed by Evasive Stance users, you should probably learn to use their counters. There was zero reason to nerf the weakest dodging ability.


Hi Raven. It’s nice to meet you. Yeah, Unfortunately since Immunity is gone, I don’t know what to say


I think your 6 patches too late

Nah, it was fine last patch, 75% chance 66.7% reduction

Hi Apple!
Nice to meet you as well =)

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Completely agree. Although with all the resilient moves thrown all over the place, it probably wouldn’t even be enough.

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I think the nerf might be to do with raids, since ES now has the AoE symbol. But it should probably be 75% chance to the user, 50% or less to the rest of the team.


Wow, you’ve returned


Yea I did.
I was taking a break from social media to fix personal issues like anger management problems.

I feel reborn and ready to socialize


Does it actually affect the whole team in raids though? That would be cool if it did, but I haven’t had confirmation that it actually does this since the description says it affects “self” and not “team”. I would actually be ok with leaving it at 50% if they actually made it affect your whole team in raids. But they also really need to nerf resilient so that dodges as a whole are actually useful.

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I agree with the statement that it needs to be better again. However, I’m by no means a competitive player for anything, so I won’t try and pretend like I know what would be good but not overpowered. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

It doesn’t, I used Spinoconstrictor to beat Mortem Rex

Only the snake dodged

Yeah, I figured it wouldn’t. Good food for thought though.

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The symbol for AoE is there, but it doesn’t. Probably some sort of mistake.


75% of Dodge 100% of the damage :eyes::eyes:, i mean there’s a lot of anti Dodge+precise moves now

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