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Change clan privacy

Anyway to make my private clan into a public clan?


I agree, kind of weird that you can’t manage such an essential feature. It either makes your clan basically stuck as a turnover machine or as a recruitment office. No way to get like 20+ people, set it to private and reserve the last spots for … whoever you need invited directly. I mean, it can’t be just me who doesn’t like to boot people for basically no reason.

That said, I suppose the developers’ idea was this:
Clan tax is low and the process is fairly painless, so if somebody changed their mind - 50 runes will hardly bankrupt anyone, especially since deleting the clan “should” immediately free the name up. I guess if you decide to make your clan private - just delete the public first, hardly anyone would really miss it, and if you are not ready for manual recruitment - chances are there aren’t too many people who will get “homeless” after the transition.

Hey Blanch528, at the moment there is not an option to change the Clan’s privacy setting after creation. However, I have noted everyone’s feedback about this and brought it up to our team. If you have any more suggestions, do not hesitate to share them with us here. Thanks!

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