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Change Defense Training daily mission or scrap it

I seriously think that 12 battles in support of Defense Training daily mission is overkill. It forces people to go into a broken and unbalanced arena that they cannot stand in order to get the daily mission reward. I think a better option would be to remove it from daily mission since there is already an absurd quota for it in Alliance Missions. If it cannot be removed, then make it a lesser number like 5 battles until you all can actually fix the arena.


Strike events and (I think) friendly battles count toward the mission. It’s really not that bad. Most people need to get their daily battle incubator anyway, which should finish up around half of it.


you can save multi step strike towers for it… you can do friendlies also…


I already knew about strike events doing that.

It should be changed to 3. Like all I hope for is AI. That is the state of the game. Please give me AI… AI battles don’t work anymore. It will load you against a stronger player and you will still lose 30+ trophies. So sick of battling boosted rats literally. Wth is this. It’s so sickening and weak. Even when I win I want to throw up.

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Loosing Strike Events and winning on last try will help.


Didn’t even think of that lol! Thanks for the tip though. Much better to do that than play in the arena right now imo. Especially with another boost sale about to roll in.


I remember it was removed at one point and somehow returned in the last patch. It’s weird.

Not every alliance should get 5/5 … it should be reserved for the best of the best … personally I think exploration should be made harder … too much 5 riff raff

5/5 should require 50 active players who work their backsides off …

I have no problem with this mission, but any criticism about the matchmaking is welcome.


It would be nice if you at least got a point every time you clicked battle. As it is, I feel like I have to do twice that many as half of them end up in “I tried to click fight AI and the game froze” and/or “I waited 60 seconds for some ‘opponent’ who was obviously never gonna materialize”.