Change Dodge abilities


Change it to something different.

cloak suggestions:

  1. priority speed: 100% dodge until next attack, next attack does 2x damage.
  2. priority speed: 1x armor piercing damage, 100% dodge next attack
  3. priority speed: 1x armor piercing damage, 50% dodge until next attack, next attack does 1.5x damage.
  4. priority speed: 100% dodge until next attack, gain counter attack 1x for 2 turns.
  5. priority speed: 50% dodge and 50% shield until next attack, next attack does 2x.

evasive stance suggestions:

  1. priority speed: 50% or 100% dodge this turn, gain counter attack for 1x damage for 2 or 3 turns.
  2. gain counter attack 1x for 3 turns.
  3. priority speed: 1x armor piercing damage, 50% dodge until next attack, shield 50% damage until next attack.

sweeping with an indoraptor because it dodges 3x isnt any more fun than losing an indoraptor without doing any damage because it never dodged. the fact that both scenarios happen very very frequently (one or the other almost every match) makes it way different than lucky crits or stuns every 100 matches. so wht if somone lucky crits a bunch and it wins or loses a match. that doesnt matter in the long run. but the fact that youre going to get 50/50 in the long run on whether a dino does 0 damage or completely sweeps the entire enemy team does matter.

there are plenty more you can do to reduce the complete coin flip it is currently. these are just some suggestions. i dont want them nerfed or buffed, just some randomness removed.


Just ROFL this is quite good for a lol


whats funny about it? you like randomly swatting at something hoping it doesnt dodge? you like cloaking hoping you actually get to deal damage before you die?


It’s a risk for reward move and cloak can be removed now with nullify can’t it??


This is a much better start (barring Beast’s comments below) than the last one. Also a lot of interesting ideas right off the bat.

Is this not what we already have? Or do you mean until the next turn, so we only have the initial turn’s dodge chance?

Suggestion #4 under cloak suggestions is also intriguing. Not sold on the flavour for Indominus specifically, but that’d be an interesting mechanic for some kind of ambush crocodilian.

Suggestion #5 seems a lot like Suggestion #1, but opens it up enough to have a T-Rex do full damage to them. If it spotlights a T-Rex, I’m all for it! :wink:


honestly i kinda think defense shattering should break dodge abilities too which would buff rex and others with defense shattering moves. dodge is a type of defense. otherwise they should be called shield shattering.


for the dodge next attack i meant as soon as you dodge one it goes away (basically same as instant invincibility) that way if for some reason they use a priority move same time you dont just lose the dodge.


I agree it would be more fun if it was less random. I like the idea of 100% dodge for 1 round only.


Any of these ideas would be better than the current randomness. Sure, can be fun, but gets annoying after a while. My suggestion:

Cloak: priority, dodge 100% for one move. Increased damage for next attack.

This way, a faster creature will miss its first attack and is guaranteed to strike the second turn before being attacked by indominus. It kinda works the same way as ready to crush. This way, there will always be damage on both sides, getting you a fair fight without extreme randomness roll of a dice 50/50 pure golden holy luck. Yes, there is other luck involved with stuns, crits and such, which I also believe should be limited in a match, but that is a different topic.