Change Draco into an actual fighting creature

I think the issue with Dracocera would be improved if they dropped Swap in Rampage entirely and make Draco into an actual fighting creature. Let it keep Rampage, Regeneration, and Acute Stun but give it some more HP and maybe some armor. I actually feel ashamed for having it on my team but it wins matches for me, and makes me feel cheap when all I have to do to win is swap my creature out. So I think a overhaul of its battling skills would be an improvement.


As someone who started playing early in the games life before there were ANY swap in abilities, I agree it was better without swap in rat.


Mines lvl 30, 135 speed and over 5k health, it can be used now as a fighting creature, swap in to kill first Dino, speed up on first hit usually gives an advantage then hits for 4330 with out critical (not taking into consideration armour)


Something like this I find a legit strategy because its actually being used like a normal Dino.
What I don’t like is when they swap in on first dinosaur (sometimes without their opener even attacking) and then cleanse and do it all over again the whole match…I find that filthy.

I call that “Rattegy”.


If that happends I just quit the game.

You win, but have to wait.

If people want cheep free wins, take it.

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Sometimes it’s the best move if errli comes out it’s better to take him out before the chance of cloak and taking a lot of damage. I prefer to save dc TIL later but if someone opens with erli it’s better to get rid and possible early win if someone throws their toys out the pram…

Give Draco ceratops back it’s original base speed. Make rampage swap in acute stun leave the rest alone.

Dracoceratops was one of if not the most tactical Dino’s before it got nominated for swap in far.

No need for armor or any thing crazy.

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I think it just needs regen removed and mss, therefore it wont be used INSANELY SEVERAL times. Which i admit is bleeep annoying. Like I said a couple of times before, where the bleep did it get mss and regen???:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The same place indominus got immunity
And Indo raptor got cleanse
And quite a few other Dino’s got thier moves

When they swap-in early it’s always time to slow play. Full 14 seconds between moves.

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