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Change Eagles moves

Hi i love to se that the Eagles fearless flapping would change, it’s horribly for an epilepsy person. Same whit the snake. This has been a super game for epilepsy persons until the eagles came on the game.
Some cant play when does show up.
Sincerely Miggy

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Yeah, the speed lines are a bit much.
Stings the eyes s bit.


It’s really bad actually! I have to close my eyes. But just knowing its there is bad.

Plz change this fast.
Sincerely Miggy

If they don’t change it, (personally I hope they don’t, those air slashes look awesome) just don’t use it.

I’m honestly surprised all the flashing lights when you spin a box or open an incubator haven’t killed you already. It’s like going into a casino in Vegas.

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or maybe dont remove fearles flap just tweak fearless flap

Yes and take away the diffrent colors