Change event drop system


just like you know, we can find event drops
in nowhere but parks only.

but in my location, I can’t find any event drops
in this game.

I tryed to find at least one of those…
but my tries didn’t end well.

so I thought ludia need to make this event drops
just like strike events do.

you know, change some normal supply drops
to event drops.

if my idea works, hunting event can be much
better to play.

so please, can you make this thing work?

(sorry about my stupid english)


I had the same idea in thought cross my mind but never voiced it. It could be that I have close by parks all around.

Having random drops flip over to event drops is a good idea and just change the locations daily with the arena strike events.

I just wouldn’t want a green event and the strike towers to be one in the same because it is to hard to get a dino in those areana.


I’m glad you just got an idea like mine, mate.

and don’t worry about that problem.
I can be wrong, but I think not.

ludia mates are not stupid.