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Change Facebook account and keep the game progressing

Hi. I recently connected my game with my Facebook account. However, that account was disabled and I made a mistake in trying to get it back, and now it’s impossible.
So I made another Facebook account but when I connect the game to my new account, I reboot all the progress I made and my old game, which has all the progress, is still connected to my disabled Facebook account.
How can I disconnect my old game to my disabled Facebook account and connect to my new account without losing all progress? Thank you for your attention and I’m sorry if there’s something you don’t understand, I’m Spanish.

Welcome to the Forum! Do you have the 8 letternsupport key of your account which had the progress? If you do, you could contact and let them know your previous as well as new support key so that they could transfer the data.

Wow, I did not expect an answer so soon, thank you. I already sent they an email with my doubts and my current support key, I am waiting for their answer. But I didn’t know about the other support key.
So, I give them my support key associated with my disabled account (x) and my new support key associated with my new Facebook account (y) and they transfer the progress from “x” to “y” and I start playing with “y”. Is that what you mean?

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That’s the idea.

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That is the easiest way, If you do not have your old support key but are using the same device there is a chance it can be recovered and then transferred it just sometimes takes longer.


Ok, thanks. By the way, thanks for the welcome.

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I understand, thank you.

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