Change Fierce Abilities

Just change Fierce abilities so they cleanse Decreased Speed as well as Vulnerability

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I do not think this is a good change.

  1. fierce are already slow
  2. they already cleanse vulnerability

While they do need a buff I do not think this is the way to go. instead I would have them increase crit by 15% and increase damage by 15%. They would also apply no escape so mo matter what something is going to take a hit unless they swap


Not all Fierce are slow and when you speed boost a chomper they shrines can be slowed and killed by a resilient
This was just an ode to make Fierce a little stronger again

Eversince the resillient change speed decrease is technically not resillient anymore logic wise whether Ludia logic or normal logic, so I doubt fierces will be able to cleanse speed decrease.


Speed decrease is still resilient, as slowing down cunnings are a great way to kill them and a good amount of fierces are immune to speed decrease, and the only creatures that have decel are part resilient or wildcards


Yeah but lots of resilients have superiority or decelerating abilities
Just like Cunning Strike cleanses bleed even though Fierce Strike does not apply bleed lots of Fierce have DOT abilities

That change has almost no effect. Being decelerated means that the fierce has already taken a hit. Most resilient two shot fierce so they won’t be having a use for cleanse speed decrease if they’re dead

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Ik fierce needs a buff but I just think it wouldn’t be fair for cunning and resilients because they cleans only 1 effect then why do fierce cleans 2? And also most fierce r slow so why slow them in the first place?

Yeah but cunning and resilient apply a negative effect and fierce doesn’t

Oh oki
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Or maybe nerfing SR3 would already help the fierce class… It is one of the main reason why fierce are useless most of the time. Swap in SR3 without any risk and kill the fierce creature with almost no damage taken and your resilients are free to finish the rest of the team.
Just remove the swap in ability completely and the creature would probably be fine. The by far easiest to level up unique in the game should anyway not be that powerfull.

No, It’s not.

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Two global rares and a zone specific common… Never took me less effort to bring a creature to level 30. But anyway, this is offtopic.

looks at indo

That’s because you had so much DNAs piled up. For a relatively new player, it’s not easy to Lvl up.