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Change "freedom" event to Midsummer

Forgive me, I’m a bit bummed out by the patch notes stating that there’s a “freedom” hookfang coming up. I am assuming that this is for 4th of July, the American independence day.
My problem with this is that even though the world of DreamWorks Dragons is based on vikings of Northern Europe, ALL of this game’s events have been America-centric. Europeans don’t celebrate Thanksgiving but still it was made into an event… Now the same thing is happening with July. Can we be more inclusive of the rest of the world and take actual, real viking traditions into mind when designing events?
There’s an easy, convenient solution. You wanna know what us northern Europeans have celebrated during summer (conveniently around the same time as 4th of July, just a week or two earlier) for hundreds of years? Midsummer. For some cultures it’s a festival that lasts for days while for us Finnish people it’s only for a day, specifically the summer solstice.
Midsummer would be a way more fitting festival for the viking universe. It’s a celebration involving fire, flowers and swimming. It has ages-old traditions and stories tied to it. It would be very believable if the vikings of Berk celebrated it.
So please can the event designers make the summer event midsummer related? I’m very sure I’m not the only European player bothered by the American events that we just cannot relate to.


I am from EU but to be honest i don’t think these events have to be based off global celebrations. Besides, this is not the first time when this happend (TG Meatlug, DFT, and I gues Valfury as well, but I gues we have our own version of the vallentine, or at least my country does) also, I think we don’t have Father and Mother’s day either, but I might be wrong. Also, what’s Midsummer? I feel like “bothered” is a strong word for this, maybe “i would like to see something like this implemented” would sound better. Besides, it’s not really called “Independence’s day Hookfang” so i don’t see the problem, i’d like to see a rainbow Toothless for the queer people that i know but I ain’t complaining (I hate this representantion thing, can’t we just play the game?)

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You’re right! Sadly there is no Halloween in my country.
Its better option to add dragons from the movie series such as screaming death armor hookfang and toothless and even Lighting Toothless.
I have many more variants of Toothless and other squad members.
Some of them are:
Glowing Toothless/hookfang/meatlug/stormfly/barf and beldh(when they drink the flightmare water)
Battle armor Toothless/hookfang/meatlug/stormfly/barf and belch
Hidden world Toothless/hookfang/meatlug/stormfly/barf and belch
Even red tail Toothless
Isnt it better option to see these dragon variants in the future?
@Rose can you share m ideas for new dragons with the dev team?:no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth: Specially Lighting Toothless pls!

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Thanks for the suggestions, CovalTheShort! I’ll note them down. :smiley:

Tank you Ned!:star_struck:

The point is that the dragons are based on Vikings. If the game wanted to be somewhat accurate on viking culture, they could use these events as a way of educating people on the Norse traditions/how vikings used to live. This is why I think midsummer would be an important event. @Ned I’d like to hear from the devs what sort of design principles are used when designing upcoming events, and if cultural traditions of vikings are considered as inspiration for them? If that’s the case please consider having a Midsummer event in late June. :slight_smile:
@TheBlueFox696 if you read my post, you wouldn’t have to ask what midsummer is. I literally explained it right there. It’s not a representation thing, it’s just about taking into account that this game has a global player base and not every event has to be from America, and sometimes Viking Traditions could be used as inspiration for upcoming events.

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I second the suggestion

Seconded for a :rainbow_flag: dragon, especially since Pride events are cancelled due to quarantine. (Although I’ve been calling Fendmender my rainbow dragon for a while)

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