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Change gryposuchus ferocious strike for ferocious impact

I think that he should have it, purrusaurus Has it and grypo have 1 less abillity to attack immobilize deals 0 dmg and doesnt benefit from ferocious moves.

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Grypo is for Rending counter.
Edit: My bad wrong Dino.

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Grypo could get a swap in ferocious strike and the 20% crit gryposuchus have

He is talking about gryposuchus not grypolyth, i think.

I know buddy but i wouldnt mind if they add that to grypolyth…about gryposuchus having ferocious impact, could be cool all crocs have it


Except Kaprosuchus, they took that away from him.

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Other great twek would be change is instant stun wich never works unless you wast a ton of money on boosts for isntam pinning strike just like the bird has

What does Immobilise have to do with boosts? And it works 100% of the time. It is useful, because it allows Sarcorixis to win certain matchups by stalling, meaning cooldowns and delays of 1 turn can be avoided, you can get your opponent to bleed out without being hit, you can wait out debuffs, etc. Also if the opponent swaps into a stunnable creature as you use it, you get a free turn.
But switching it to Instant Pinning Strike would still be interesting, even on Grypolyth or Gryposuchus.