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Change in dragon abilities?


Sonsome.have shown their brutewurst and fendmender with healing reduces to over 4 turns. Mine 7 and 8 turns. I’m wondering why this is.
The screenshots shown the brute, 2 ability levels higher than mine and the fendmender 1 ability level higher


Even at max level and max ability points, Brute still heals over 7 turns. I think the healing percent might increase, but the number of rounds doesn’t decrease.

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Its a visual bug. I have seen it happen many times on my Brute-wurst and Frosty Sparguard.
(it reverts back to the digits its supposed to have when you relog)

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So you’ve seen the turns decrease but then go back? I’ll follow up with clan mate and see if theirs went back to normal.

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They confirmed that the visual returned to normal
Weird glitch

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