Change in game calculation?

I am wondering if there has been a change in the game recently? This past week I have noticed a significant change in the number of “miss” and “resist” that has been occurring, when I “attempt” to strike my opponent, be it PVP or NPC.

Has the miss/resist chance increased? Has proc chance also been lowered? It’s become very frustrating.

@Crimson, I suspect you are observing your success rates being impacted by the Event matchmaking algorithm, which is different from the Battle Mode algorithm. PvP event players, whose trophy count is artificially inflated during events, are often matched against bots or regular Battle Mode players. These bots and Battle Mode players do not have the same adjustment. This leads to disproportionately unfavorable success rates for such Event players as the Battle Mode opponents and bots they are facing generally have higher hero and item levels than the player is accustomed, and more commonly have far superior items.

That makes sense. Do you know if the event algorithm also affect challenges, and explore? As I seem to miss much more in those than before as well.