Change Log/Patch Notes



As developers, it’s poor etiquette to release changes to your content that you don’t display somewhere easily accessible for players to skim. When you update, perhaps include a notice with patch notes from now on.

Some updates are large and occur with much fanfare, like the tournament, but that isn’t what I mean. You’re kind of famous for unleashing what players call “silent” buffs and nerfs on the dinos they use regularly. Most recently, the diloranosaurus had its damage reduced by 200, according to players. However, there were no notices of this change going through, nor was there any breakdown of exactly what the change would entail. How are players to know this wasn’t a horrible mistake? Such a severe drop in a stat sounds like something was bugged. The dinosaur itself is now drastically different in battle, to the point of no longer being popular.

Additionally, this is a good way to display known bugs and show which bugs you’ve fixed. Bugs drive players crazy, and we’ll definitely be pleased to see that you’ve knocked out another bug we’ve been complaining about.

Please put your change notes as a notice in-game when you update things, even if they’re small. It might seem unnecessary, but transparency is important, and players deserve a chance to provide feedback.

WTF is this? Ludia you just secretly doing this