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Change the Alliance Rewards!

I was super disappointed when I saw that the alliance rewards are the same again. This is getting really boring and I am not encouraged to play.


Seriously how many times are we going to get the same 3 prizes from the alliance missions my alliance is getting bored of doing these missions. Heck we didn’t even make it to the premium incubator for last week’s. I suggest a new change of both missions and prizes. Don’t ruin the alliance missions like you ruined the daily missions.


Defo agree. Been the same since it started and could really do with a few different rares/epics to beat all the boosted ones now in the game


Sometimes I find it hard to understand the developers. They have brilliant ideas but they spoil them with the details later.

The idea of the missions of the alliance was very good and it supposes a positive revolution in the alliance. If every week (or every month in the worst case) the reward had changed, on Monday we would all be impatient to see the news. Now every Monday is “Well, again the ####### same dinos” .

The same goes for daily dinosaurs that would be a great idea if it were not for so many that have completely displaced the local dinos.

Another example is the aroma capsules that would be a perfect idea if it were not for the maximum of two and for the fact that in order to have two creatures instead of one you must be in motion, sometimes endangering your integrity.

It seems as if there is someone in the creative department charged with sabotaging all good ideas.


Please please please


They’re deaf! Won’t listen to you.


@Sara @Ned @John can you please throw some light on this topic? Also forward our demand to developers.


We’ve now had the same Alliance Mission Rewards for 13 weeks straight now. Same thing, 3 months! As much as folks love receiving Concavenator, I think we’re due for a shake up


Especially that data miners found out that there were programmed many other sets for alliance missions.


At this point, if feels like they should just donate a Thor to Everyone. Seems like they are dead set on force-feeding Sino to the masses. I don’t get it. Those who have a L30 Thor, you get a second one!


bring on the Convexenator already!

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I’d be happy to share your suggestions with our team, @Pirate. However, there are no promises. :slight_smile:


I think we have had a great run of the present Alliance Rewards and now it’s becoming mundane, interest in most alliances for the missions because of the rewards never changing is increasing rapidly
Please listen to your customers and finally change them even randomise them but please at least do something

For example crocodiles and gryposuchus for attack and sauropods and diplo for defense or stegosaur family and kentro

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It would definitely be exciting if they changed every week. Would create much more enthusiasm for missions. Some weeks more than others, but some members would always want the reward DNA so would push the other members to help complete then.

Users would not get overloaded and it would promote leveling more of a variety of Dino at lower levels. If Eina got a hybrid now, there is no thrill or anticipation of trying to create it. We all have so much in storage it would just be a matter of coins and hitting the button.

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Hopefully rewards change tomorrow. So sick of overleveled Thors. A change would be nice. I would like to work on other dinos too.

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Maybe not weekly, but I think cycling through every month/4 weeks would be nice. We get cool hard to collect DNA and it keeps things interesting.


While your bringing this up to them can you maybe explain to them that 6k sino dna does way more to unbalance match making for the entire game then 1 attempt at tenotorex does.


Seriously had enough of the Samedamn alliance rewards . No incentive to go for it now . Change it for goodness sake , keep asking :rage:


Yeah cus they will listen to you cus you are hoping mad…

The incentive should be still to help your alliance out though no matter what.