Change the Alliance Rewards!

Because in the middle of 1.7 Ludia gave up


Dun ask for what you arent ready to accept. We all.know what the potential changes are. Half are meh sauce with turd fries. Want 13 weeks.or.more of raptors?

Ludia has to choose the right set for both. Putting a garbage set will only kill alliance missions for everyone.

The one they could change because it couldnt get worse is the Defense mission set. Switch the Chomper set or the Fierce set with Irritator.

I dun mind the exploration set because we seen what happens when Ludia assumes stuff. We get Smilodon replacing Erliko

Meh, just put stuff on a one month rotation and be done with it.

Same with arena exclusives, switch them up every month.


I could level up Concavenator to level 25… and by next week even on my 2nd account. I could get Majungasaurus to 28, almost 29. My Einiasuchus is ready to level to 26.

My Triceratops G2 has just over 100k DNA. I want to get rid of it, but I’m trying to refrain from being part of the DracoRat problem. I won’t even care if she gets a Unique hybrid straight up, just lemme get rid of the DNA ;-;

And Concavanator… I believe that the new Unique will be Yoshi and Concavanator. That, or Concavanator plus a hybrid that is made from Tany. So I’m not too angry about that just yet. If not, then imma be pissed. Even so, I still don’t have enough DNA to get it to level 20. Haven’t leveled it up past 11, and I only have just over 5k DNA for her?

Everyone else can take a hike. I already ranted about this on another thread, so I ain’t gonna say too much here xP

good morning, I write to ask you if it would be possible to change the weekly alliance prizes … they have been the same for several months now and you are starting to lose interest in reaching the highest ranks … Thank you very much for your attention and sorry for my english

Replace Majunga with Tarbo. Both are common and its hybrid is useful.

Im not calling this evidence, but a long, long ,LONG time ago we got a survey for migration. A long time ago we got a survey for Alliance mission rewards. The daily migrations came into effect this patch, so maybe, possibly the rewards might change in 1.8?


Tarbo would be a bad idea in my opinion. With all the free sino the arena would be even more of a Thor massacre


Maybe they’re waiting for 1.8 to change the rewards.

Maybe if we all said we wanted the alliance reward Dinos to stay as they are , they would change them .
Let’s face it , they never do anything we ask for , and seem to favour doing the very opposite ( Draco , boosts etc… ) so should we try this ?

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Yeah once again…changing monthly would be best an we can even come back to the current one later.

You know they could even come here and say “sorry people we’re having problems implementing the new rewards. As soon as we figure this out we will work on changing it, thanks for patience”

That would be 100% better than no response at all on there plans for this.



Hope this happend this week.

Sino was THE hardest dino to find before handling out all this week after week.

Thor is going mad in the arenas!

Soon players have a Utasino aswell!


I agree! These need to be changed. The only reason I even keep worrying about the alliance rewards is for the coins and dollars. Would really like some new dinos as reward.

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Yay. Again no change.

Please please please please please can it change with the update tomorrow (if it is the update).

This, guys. (Nevermind, it’s Monday and I read that wrong :slight_smile: )

You realise that is daily mission rewards, and we are talking about alliance mission rewards.


It’s Monday. That’s all I have to say about that. :joy:

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I agree. I’ve only got got about 100.,000 of the same DNA. Lol


PLEASE!!! GIVE US MORE VARIETIES, MORE INSPIRATIONS ON PRIZES!!! I’m begging to see anything else other than the same 6 creatures!