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Change the color


If you see it is hard to identify the Rare and common Dino. As the background color is also blue and they both look the same.

If you can change the color of common dinos to grey where it shows the level. As Hybrid shows in pink.


Hard ??? Thats two different colors ?


I you see the the only difference is the border color


Yes do ?? Its enough to see difference between common and rare


Not only the border needs to be grey, the spot where dino lvl is to, it make it way easyer to spot wat dino it is.


That’s what I am saying


Hybrid pink because hybrid regardless of rarity. The border color shows rarity. It’s seriously not hard to tell. Since the are rare epic legendary and unique hybrids plus non hybrids they would need like 9 colors to differentiate. That’s pointless. Perfect how it is with 5 border colors for rarity and the 2 level colors to distinguish hybrid or not


Also would be cool to have your dinos filtered depending on stats!