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Change the drone sensitivity yourself

Ludia can you maybe make an option where you can change the sensitivity yourself. Even a button would be fine (maybe something like: very slow, slow, normal, fast)


I concur. That would be a great addition.

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It’s simple to change it on your device or phone .
I’ve done it on my Samsung s8 , my sons s7 and my wife’s s9 .
Just go to settings and put in pointer speed , then adjust .

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I’d rather have that ‘evolve’ confirmation button first… but since both would be extremely useful I tend to doubt we’ll ever see either.

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Lol, ive been pushing for that evolve confirmation for like 9 months. I realized it was designed like that on purpose as a coin sink.

Ironically, although un-intended , the new boosts kind of fixed this issue by adding more frame to click on and its much easier to scroll down now.

If you look at their new dragons game on the forums you notice they have even more threads about confirmation buttons and asking for refunds on accidental purchases.

They didnt accidentally make both games prone to accidental purchases. Someone is getting paid to design there UIs in this way. To go along with their hard stance on no refunds.

Yup. It’s no accident that the store button is right where the base of your thumb hits the screen all the time, or that so many things require you to clickclickclick through them.

Is it the same for iPhone

I can’t find it

Great idea!