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Change the gold limiter and reduce lvl cost


60k to lvl is ridiculous and even more so with a limiter on gold from supply drops and battle. The only other rhing to do outside of catching dino DNA is battle and you guys make it pointless with not being able to get rid of unwanted incubators and then lossing out on the gold that you EARNED in battle.

Gold Poor

I think the developers want the free to play players to slow down and smell the… dino dungs :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
They want the impatient players to buy the coins, ka chang!


I started playing JWA a month ago, not VIP, I am level 8 now, fighting in arena 5, collected 60/101 dinos. I really don’t think I need to rush :sweat_smile:
The only thing I need to change on my strategy is that I usually preferred to hit a dino instead of spin the supply drop searching coins, when I am a passenger on a vehicle. Now I have lots of dinos to evolve but no coins in order to level up my dinos :scream:


I feel your pain. I became ViP when the Baryonyx was loose a couple weeks ago, even went for the two cheap lvl up offers, and I’m still an idiot with not much gold XD. Whether you have it or not determines nothing; what determines a player is how impatient they are. Sadly, this is the “I want everything now” generation.


Yes we do have the want everything right now gen but I do not believe in this case that applies. I get one day a week pretty much that I can play extended. I capped out on gold in only a couple of hours. I am level 8 and have 10 dinos that need leveling up. At 60k to 10k that is going to be a couple of months to get them all. I have been ignoring the useless dinos for the most part but I have been sitting at level 8 for almost 3 weeks now. So the gold allotment cap is unbalanced to say the least considering how little you actually get.


The game is coming up on two months old and is version 1.2. It is still getting started and having a cap to slow progression is normal at this stage compared to other games I’ve played. Frustrating yes but so is finishing everything and then complaining about nothing to do while we wait for the next update. As long as they adjust the limiter and other costs when more content is introduced. I hope you give it some more time, enjoy hunting, and focus on your favorites until you can level the others easier.


I swear, I keep saying this in almost any forum like this. Glad to know I’m not the only one who says this.


Yeah. It’s the “I want it all, I want it NOW” gen that is responsible for the proliferation of game hacks, GPS spoofs, and various other cheats.

We’re evolving backwards, people. Stop it!


I dont know about the rest of you, but I find this game to be incredibly GOLD POOR. I have many dinosaurs that will go hungry because it costs too much to feed them. :frowning:

After much consideration and deliberation, I think I may have an idea to fix this issue. Give us more gold.


I have 64 dinos waiting to be evolved currently due to gold drought.
Ludia should bump up gold rewards a bit so that more players can level up quickly to arena 7, which means less bots for p2w players(better experience).


Why not increase the coins provided by drops and free incubators so people will continue to dart and level up dinos that are not apex / alpha listed?

I’m at level 10 and have been playing for a while. made it into arena 7 and hover around 3300. My interest in playing dropped way down because I cannot “afford” to use my coins to level up dinos who will not be used in battle in arena 7. Why? because I need to save “drop” and incubator coins to level up future battle worthy dinos (apex, alpha, etc).

I bought the monthly VIP to get bucks from drops and increase distance. I was saving up the bucks to buy coins but the other night I tapped on a $670 incubator just to see what was being offered and instead it “purchased instantly” and gave me junk DNA. Crap. Cleared out the bank account. Won’t do that again.

So if i’m not able to level up these common dinos then why bother to dart them anymore? Yet these are the dinos I see while I am out and about during the daylight hours. So why bother to really play before 8 pm when the raptors come out?

For those who don’t understand the cost to level up a decent common dino let me give you an example. I have a level 18 Euoplocephalus. I see these guys EVERYWHERE on my way to and from work so I was giving myself extra commute time to stop and dart them. To level this up to 19 costs 30,000 coins. To evolve it to level 18 already cost 68,000 coins.

So I now limit my play time to nights and catch velociraptors and save coins to level him up to 21. I have used 138,000 coins to get him to 20. After 8 pm Velo just show up in the area neighborhoods and I am getting good at darting his predictable running pattern. Why am I mentioning this? Because I am trying to figure out how to get 50,000 coins to level him up from 20 to 21. Why do I need a level 21 velo? Because MrBerrez (or whatever BOT name you get as an opponent) keeps leading off with a level 20 velociraptor and the game ALWAYS lets his level 20 go first and clears me out.

Hopeful a developer reads my post and understands that unless this changes there will be few long term players.


It has nothing to do with the “I want it now Generation” between lvl 30+ bot users and pay to win players ive been sitting in the rank 600s with a bunch of dinos i could lvl up but cant do anything with due to the gold limitations. Forget the stop playing cause i did everything, im going to stop playing cause i cant do a thing. Wheres the enjoyment in playing battles with no reward? Or playing battles just to get wiped out by bots? Why go out collecting DNA if tgey dont give enough gold to lvl with it?


Im not saying give me 20k a stop, im saying if i put in time and effort to win battles or go walking to collect boxes that i should be rewarded in kind. They make plenty of cash on premium, incubators and lazy people that want to just buy the gold insted of earning it.(but atm they dont even give people the option to be lazy you have to buy gold or just keep losing match after match to rank down and finnally win a match to get an incubator)Maybe you like to not get rewared for your time and effort but i do. Im not asking something outrages im just asking for us to be able to earn the gold to lvl our guys and enjoy the game.