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Change the Raptor Voice

For the love of all heavens, please change that obnoxious “REEAAAH” audio clip raptors make almost the entire time they’re out, especially during their pounce animation. Not only is it extremely annoying and repetitive, but it doesn’t remind me of the raptors from the actual films at all. I rewatched the original and all the screeching and chirping noises they made were so much more fitting and iconic, and should be used as the replacement.

a new one would sound cool, but there can only be two sounds, so maybe the cull on the pounce which is what it does when talking with others and whatever roar it does on a strike. i dont think theyll change it tho

It actually reminds me of the raptors in that last scene in Jurassic Park with the skeletons. There was one part where the raptor made that exact sound.


I know every single scene in the Jurassic Park/World series and I’m certain the noises of the raptor is the same clip from the movie. They probably did it for aesthetics. Everytime they high pounce it reminds me when the vraptor tried to pounce the little girl but ended up headbanging itself on the metal.

Yeah but I think the problem is how almost all the other sounds they make in the film are high pitched screeching or chirping if you will, with that kind of “REEAAH” sound literally only ever playing once. Now I think it’d be fine to keep as the pouncing sound, but the idle sound should be changed from it I think. Most of the annoyance is how it plays over and over again while idle, and during the hard attack. Such a distinct vocalization playing over and over again is just plain distracting. I could make an edit that would show the difference.

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