Change the rng in arena

Its so frustrating, having no luck at all

How do you suggest that they change the RNG, in what way? Maybe to make your account more ‘lucky’?

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Make it more strategic system. Instead of having lucky crits and stuns, change it too ultimates like in leauge of legends. So no one would nearly break their phone when the opponent suddenly keep getting crits and stuns. Ur sarcasm suks btw.

Maybe try playing Pokémon main series (not Go Poo) instead, it’s much more fair and balanced regarding RNG and competitive battling.

Maybe you should play tamagochi instead

Na I’m not that keen on the battle mechanics :rofl:

I like the luck aspect of the game but understand as I’ve been on the receiving end of a beat down due to repeatedly being stunned and repeatedly getting crit hit more times than I’d care to admit.

I think they should have diminishing returns though. If a player hits you with a stun and you are stunned and they use another stun move, that stun chance is reduced either by a percentage or cut in half. If they manage to stun you again and the next move is a stun move again, the chance to stun is decreased even further. If their stun move does not stun you or it is a move that doesn’t have stun ability, the chances for them to stun again are reset to 100% of the moves oririginal chance.

Same with crit hits. If an opponent hits you with a crit, their chance of a crit on the next hit is reduced. This continues until they don’t get a crit hit and the crit hit chance is reset.

Maybe even apply something similar to some other effects like dodge. Each time they dodge your move their chance to dodge is reduced until you get a hit then their chance to dodge returns to normal.

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