Change the tryostronix back & add more baryonyx hybrids

Ive been on here a while and when you updated tryostronix and took away his frocity strike that kinda killed the game for me, he was the lead of my team, getting him up to level 22, ive been wanting to adress this for a while cause ive seen him without any hybrids and its kinds frustrating, i specifically wanna adress this post cause i also wanna see unique baryonyx designs, i just wanna either see the tryostronix go back to its rightful place again maby even keeping the self heal or i just wanna see more baryonyx hybrids come out.BaryonyxGEN2Profile


Or id wanna see the ferocity strike on a unique, thatd be fair to me at least.

Tryo is still decent in pvp but by far it’s best use is in raids.


Yea, its a raid creature, tbh I like it as it is. I don’t see changes needed. Now I do agree that more bary hybrids could be used. We shall see.


You’ve been a mess since they changed Tryo, eh? How are you still here? The amount of serious changes they’ve made over the last year or so is staggering. Tryo is literally the least of our issues right now…


they need to put its vulnerability resistance back