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Change things up

Are there any plans to switch up raid bosses?

We have been getting fed sino dna for 2 years now. So sick of sino. Give us a Carbonemys raid boss, or a Allo Gen 2 raid boss.

For legendary, id like to see edaphocevia or ankyntrosaurus.

Keep Mortem Rex. Im sure 95% of us wont have that any time soon.

And for uniques, i want to see Testacornibus or spinoconstrictor. Preferably testacornibus tho.

What do you guys want to see the raid bosses changed to?

Haast’s Eagle, Edaphocevia, Diorajasaur, Mortem Rex

Gemini boss with 25.000 health each round

Nah, we’ll already get loads of Haast Eagle, @Qaw

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But an exclusive like that is gonna dry up. fast