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Change this achievement

There’s an achievement that requires you to dart directly for 6 times an Epic creature with one drone, and because of that I’m stuck with this thing and I can’t get my level up rewards, dor obvious reasons.
You could resolve it in many ways: making 6 direct hits to an Epic creature but not restricted to one drone, making 6 direct hits with one drone but with a Rare creature, or just simply changing it to not necessarily complete it to have the next rewards

It’s really not that difficult of an achievement tbh. Koolasuchus, Eucladoceros, Concavenator, Ankylosaurus are all super easy to do this on


They’re Epics, their hitbox is smaller and modt of all they’re difficult to find

I found mammoth was an easy one as well

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6 isnt horrible. i did it on an anky. koolasuchus would be way easier. its the darn 10 direct hits on an epic thats holding me up.


wait until you get the 10 direct hits on an epic one :upside_down_face:


i think its fine, it makes it harder compared to most of the easy ones

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Look for a Monolophosaurus. It has a small profile, if a little slender, and it doesn’t have a wonky walk or gallop to it making it a much better target for this achievement.


The next one is 10. It’s doable on things like Koola, Mono, and Eucla.

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Ludia wants us to spend as much time in this game as possible. They don’t want people to breeze through all the achievements in a week.

Try anky, epic deer, epic short-range dog, koola, seco, edapho, erlik… those are all pretty easy to hit six or 10 directs on.


Get epic tadpole. Took me 3 encounters to get 6 and 10 done.

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Turtle try it

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I appreciate thst you guys are trying to help but I can’t control the spawns I can’t know when an Epic spawns and what animal is it

are u using the rookie drone or the veteran drone? I don’t think it is that hard to make 6 direct hits with some epic creatures

I’m using the classic

Takes some practice, but especially with a deer it should be rather easy. With either veteran or classic drone.
It’s supposed to be an achievement, so it shouldn’t be that easy.
However, getting stuck on the 10 direct hits for maybe months, that is really really annoying.

Ankylosaurus is the easiest Epic I found to complete it. You can’t guarantee when it will appear but if you have an Ankylosaur scent it’s worth using it to get her.

I’m in L1. Lots of Anky and Concavenator spawns. Easy to get 6 DH on both.

But 10? I’ve managed to get max 9. Again. And again. And again. I’m giving up…

Is it guaranteed that an epic ankylo will appear?

Agreed, it may not be impossible, but it takes luck, time and practice. I may have done it in the past with a couple creatures, so I am not opposed to it being a long-term, end-game kind of achievement.

What is annoying, as you and @Qiew has mentioned several times, is that it completely blocks the rest of the achievements from there on.

Here’s my idea: If ludia (@admins) wants to slow down the achievements in that particular section, change the requisite to be the “5000 direct hits on a velociraptor”. Sure, it’s going to take some time, but it is attainable after a while of trying, and then you get access to the rest. Other good candidates (IMO) are the “fire darts on 130 different creatures” or “get 1000 unique dna”.