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Change to arena

This is just an old man off his meds here, so take it what it is lol.

MM sucks mainly because of one team is overpowering another. Yet we try to fix it by trophies only (which has nothing to do with team strength and should balance out somewhat but will never be perfect). The only true way to make balance mm is 100 percent team strength. But the problem there becomes lvl 10s can just fight lvl 10s and move up. And I am perfectly fine with trophies only so dont get me wrong. Remember off my meds lol.

What if the normal arena was like friendlies. All set to a set level with or without a set number of boosts. Could do lvl 30 tier 10 for highest arena, down to lvl 26 tier 7 at library, and down to lvl 10 no boosts at lower. Just saying. If you did that mm would always be perfect with the exception of what dinos you had unlocked.

So what’s wrong with this? Well those that max out their creatures and boosts will feel like its not worth it anymore if they cant use them.

So how to make everyone happy? Well season rewards arent the best anyway but they can be good. So why not let the season be this way but make the tourneys open to all dinos. And have a tourney every week with better rewards. You could do week long tourneys, month long tourneys, whatever. Give those with the time and effort put on a place to showcase their might.

Again, just spitballing here. They would have to rework the tourneys for this to happen and definitely make it worthwhile. And they would need to make the dinos killed in both count towards dbi. I personally like the idea where I would have a place to test out the new dinos and see what they are like but also see just how strong my team is against others.

We know a lot of players want some area where they can battle evenly and enjoyably. But the higher players shouldnt be punished for this. So all you high and mighty, what would you like to see?

Also I know I’m opening a can of worms and you cant make everyone happy. Just trying to see if there is any common ground the casual and hardcore can find

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100% trophy count with rewards that make arena dropping not worth it. Do away with arena specific dinos, battle incubators should all have the same chance at being junk… This would mitigate the arena dropping.

Give more dna per arena, substantial enough that, with the extra boosts already in higher arenas, you’ve got a good reason to keep working towards higher arenas.


I don’t see why it isn’t 100% trophies. I’ve never understood why team power was included. I appreciate its only recently changed and probably needs to settle out a bit, but I’m not convinced it is working still.

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Team power was added to discourage arena droppers.


Trophy only should be the way, end of.

Doing it the same way as skill tourneys makes the matches way too unfair with speed ties and rng being too much to bear.

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Let them drop, it’s no skin of my nose.
Easy win as they drop, balanced out by a loss as they come back up .


I completely agree. I think matchmaking should be based only on trophy count.


I was never bothered by arena droppers.
I had a free win on their way down, and just another loss on their way back up.
NBD, just another day in JWA

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Yeah, never had an issue with droppers. The odd pasting compared to every other match.

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Again I’m not disagreeing with trophy count. But you will continue to see mm unfair yada yada as long as you do that. I personally would love to see a lot of changes but I’m on my meds now lol. I just find it funny that people complain about matchmaking because of 1 issue. Team imbalance. And to fix it they want to base it off everything except what makes it imbalanced.

But like I said I’m fine with trophies. In theory it will balance out in end. But not really. I just had 4 battles and 3 were really even and 1 was my 24s and 25s vs 30s. But hopefully they will keep moving up.

And a point for trophies only is it keeps lower levels honest. Yeah I got to library before I got the quick boot lol.

Base it on trophies.

If based on team strength, you could theoretically be high ranked with a low level team. Also low ranked with high level team…everything they didn’t like about arena dropping.

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I agree with that 100 percent.

Within a month, matches will be fair. I’d say our most fair matches have happened when they were going strictly by trophy count. The occasional dropper would cause some unfair matches but those can be easily rectified. If there’s no benefit to dropping, there will be much less droppers. If there’s good rewards for rising, people will stay up. They threw out a working system to deal with a couple non-working parts and made the mess that is match making now.


And again my main point was having 2 ways to play. One balanced matchmaking with ok rewards. One like we have now with better rewards.

I hope so. And I know it will get better. The problem is estates and aviary are so congested right now. I see lvl 16s and 26s within 500 trophies of each other.

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With boosts, and inability to see boosted level, you’re going to have that with any system they put in.

Dino level is no longer a reliable indicator of dino or team strength, trophy level is, which is why 100% trophy level would work best as the match making criteria.

Actually isnt it 67 percent trophy? It was 50 but they changed it. But yes we should be able to see boosted lvl easier

You could be right, I don’t know the current numbers. I believe in my arena, any over 5500 trophies, it is 100% trophy count and my matches have been pretty fair up here.