Change to boosts 2

My second version of this thing because over a few days I have forgotten how it feels to get destroyed by everyone on the forums

1.price for boosting hybrids is lower than boosting normal dinos but is less effective (apexes not affected)

2.boosts now increase dinos stats by percentage

Please destroy me now. Thank you


Im ready destroy me ( roasts are appreciated)


Health and damage boosters are still increasing stats by %… :grinning:


Oh I meant for speed too but like Ye

Aren’t health and attack stats already changed by a percentage value for each tier?
Not sure what I think about Option 1. It may destroy the higher arena and cause several people to quit just because the stats on their Omega-boosted Deer aren’t as high or shiny as they’d like.

Before I introduce my proposal, I’d like to say that decrease the total no. of boosts per stat to 10. This way, a lvl. 30 creature can have only 10 tiers of each stat’s boosts. (Or is this already in-game? I don’t have a max-boosted creature yet.)

What they should do to fix rampant ultra-boost creatures in the lower arenas is put a cap on the amount of boosts on each creature in a team in each arena. For example, you may field a max-boosted (10 each stat) T-Rex in Arena 11, but in Arenas 8 and 9, you can only put, say, 6 tiers max on each creature. (That number’s liable to change, though - 6 tiers is still powerful.)
But you ask, what if you drop with a max-boosted T-Rex to lower arenas? Well then, my friend, assuming you drop from 11 to 9, your T-Rex would automatically be capped at 6 tiers for each stat.
This wouldn’t take away the boosts you put on the creature, you just won’t be able to apply those boosts in lower arenas. Strike Towers remain unaffected.

We also need frequent boost resets, I’d say monthly or bi-monthly. That’d allow us to experiment more freely about what combination of boosts is best suited to a creature.

Additionally, this would discourage droppers. They’d have to rely on the creature’s level, rather than the amount of boosts they’ve put on it. I hope people won’t quit though - they’d still have their boosts after all.

You can have the same amount of total boosts on a creature as their level (a lvl 23 can have 23 total boosts for example). The maximum for one specific stat is 20 boosts.

Thanks for informing me! Still hanging in Aviary, you see.
From 20, I’d say half it to 10. 15 or something at least.

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moving it to 10 just creates the same issue as when boosts first came out. all even max boosted teams.


This isn’t necessary and makes the game worse because of the boost limit.
Even if the cost for boosting hybrid is lower, you can still only apply 30 stat boosts and thus you are making hybrids a bit worse than non-hybrids.
Also, are you a new player? Because the kind of suggestions you asked for in this post and the previous one are only really beneficial to low level players.

I guess I am a pretty new player, I started 3 years ago but fell out with the game and only started playing again 6 months ago so ye, the game has really changed since I last played it