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Change to boosts?

I see a lot of complaints about highly boosted dinos leading for shouts to delete creatures, which is insane. I think the problem lies with boosts, for example the speedy thors, so why don’t we put our heads together and figure out a better set up? My suggestion would be (taking the above as an example) chompers are capped at a certain speed increase, say 4 or 5 speed boosts only, whilst the attack boosts are as they are, only being able to mass boost what the Dino is designed to do, so a chopper can increase his chomp to the max, but not out speed an erli and still hit hard, this will keep the chompers in that area, a Thor shouldn’t enter a battle faster than say a raptor, same for cunning, while they can boost speed to the max there say attack would be capped, this would keep the balance equal between the different types of creature? Recon that would help?

I think something like:
fierce can only boost atack
resilient only health
cunning only speed
wild card can boost everything
and if creature is mixed type for example cunning fierce that creature can boost speed and atack

But this puts the already struguling cunnings in an even worse postition, they’re faster then basicly anything in next to all cases, so they would have a huge disadvantage compared to something that can boost stats like hp and dmg


I don’t think about, also now i see that wild cards would be op.

Boosts and matchups in PvP are clown town these days :woozy_face:



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I think I fought this same team. I was actually impressed. That said, it is a terrible matchup (21 vs. 30), but that’s a different issue.

why impressed?

To make that kind of investment in something that is not the same 8 to 10 dinos in those arenas.

That matchmaking though - yikes!

he’s probably testing his tournament team😅