Change to Boosts

I think that boost are too op and should have these three reworks:

.Boosted dinosaurs have a lesser chance of appearing in your team than normal dinosaurs at the start of a battle

.Boosts are less effective on hybrids than normal dinos

.Boosts are more effective on dinosaurs with a lower rarity than those with a higher rarity

What about increasing the cost for one stat?

  1. If my team is full of boosted dinos then the first rework makes absolutely no sense.

  2. Boosts are stat buffs. They can’t be any more or less effective on hybrids than normal dinos because that’s not how stat buffs work.

  3. That’s a terrible idea, and see #2 anyway.


But that will make it so that players will be more inclined to use different dinos and make the meta more diverse

Cuz frankly many epics have lots of potential to be really strong, only held back by stats

Also the first rework was also meant for teams with some boosted dinosaurs

So why would Ludia waste time implementing something that only effects a comparative handful of players when there are far bigger issues that need addressing?

Kid, no, it really won’t.


The only nerf I could see boosts having is decreasing the amount of speed you get per boost down to 1 (which isn’t really needed). Other than that it’s more about their obtainablity and lack of boost reshuffle/refunding that’s the real issue.

Boost is nothing when Ludia do a lot of buff and nerf to the META dinos in each updates, Ludia just try to increase profit by selling boost.

And latest news that was leaked, next year we are not gonna get boost reset or shuffle for free!!! Ludia may going to bring in the token system to player for reset or shuffle the boost that I certainly sure that this will cost players a lot


Well then what’s the point of working to fully boost dinos on your team if you can’t use them??? Plus, if you have a fully boosted team, nothing will change. And anyone without a fully boosted team would be absolutely crushed by anyone with a fully boosted team.

Why? This just makes the money people spend on boosts less worth it.

Boosting Unique dinos would literally be worthless with this change, with both this change and the less effect on hybrid dino change. This would do nothing beneficial for the game.

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You know what I give up pls delete boosts ludia

That’s… even worse… Deleting boosts also delete money from player’s pockets. Spent money on boosts? Too bad, now they’re gone and actual money you spent is deleted as well. This would infuriate the playerbase and cause a massive drop in players. Nobody would play a game where they lose actual money because they happened to buy something somebody suggested to delete.


Me , the raging kid

That’s assuming they can refund to thousands, hundreds of thousands, maybe even a few million players.

Boosts were a mistake :joy:

Making this post was a mistake :joy:

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none of the suggestions will do anything other than make progress worthless.

  1. wont be worth it to boost any creature untill they are 30 and you have enough for a full team.
  2. if boosts are less effective on hybrids, then what’s the point of taking the time and resources to get said hybrids that are supposed to be better if they end up being the same or worse than non hybrid creatures after boosts.
  3. similar argument to 2.

the only change that you can really do to boosts in terms of stat changes is reducing speed to 1 point per boost instead of 2. keeps speed a bit more true to the type classes, but can make play a bit too rigid.


Good point didn’t think about that

I think speed boosts should increase the base speed stat by a percentage, not a flat one or two. That would allow naturally speedy stuff (mostly cunnings) to stay faster than resils or fierces without heavy investment. They wouldn’t all have to be glass cannons that sacrifice health for speed like they do now. Resils and fierces could still go speedy if they wanted to, but they’d have to make a heavier investment and therefore lose some attack or health, which most people probably wouldn’t like… so I think you’d see people boosting each creature to its inherent strengths, which would help preserve the rock/paper/scissors aspect of the arena.


Some of these make 0 sense

  1. If I have a full team of boosted Dino’s which I do the chances are going to remain the same

  2. This is only going to affect players in the higher arenas who are using unique hybrids. With apex creatures however(not including the new bear apex) then it will make the battle experience less enjoyable because most of the time if you get apex creatures you will normally win.

  3. Most people use creatures that are normally the same rarity in higher arenas

In my opinion this would favor the lower level players more than the higher level olayers