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Change to Pyrritator

After reading about the change in superiority strike, I decided to look at other dinos. I just noticed this change to adding a delay on the distracting rampage to pyrritator. This change essentially makes it useless now!

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Pyrritator is dead! I can’t see how it can survive without access to a move which reduces the damage it takes from the first hit it receives. It’ll become very situational at best.


I am currently deciding what I should replace it with now. So disappointing because I had him on my team for speed and power usually to end a game.

I don’t like these changes either but pyrra isn’t alone. Every Dino with distracting rampage has a delay. There are a few other changes if you look around. Superiority, slowing impact, and drac 2. On the other side if and when they implement these changes the Dino’s getting nerfed should be receiving some type of compensation buff.

So Utarinex needs to strike first move, so does Pyrritator But Utasinoraptor has access to both distracting and critical impact out of the shute… oh and it also out speeds Utarinex for the extra kick to the crotch. So glad I spent all of its DNA levling Utarinex to 24… 10 DNA at a time LOL . I would probably have a level 26 Utasinoraptor by now.


Hahaha. This just confirms that the developers at Ludia don’t even play their own game. Pyrritator was already quite average (many dinos have superiority strike which cleanse distracting and 2 shot pyrri). Also many people didnt level up pyrri because the unique is very underwhelming. Even the few that leveled up pyrri stopped at lvl 20 because of the unique. But why use level 20 pyrri when you can use a lvl 20 utasino who is better with its instant charge. Pyrri already didnt have a place in the meta and was already dead…now Ludia is kicking it while its on the ground already. This is one of the most unlogical change they have ever made (and there are many) :-). Ludia doing Ludia-type things: nerfs, not fixing bugs, introducing even more bugs and pushing away their players/community. This is just sad


This really sucks. Its the only raptor (besides indo) on my team because any sino dna I get is invested in Allosino. Its only lvl 17 at that. I haven’t even unlocked Utahsino yet.

I don’t understand why this is necessary

APR and DSR have delays which is understandable. But DR should’ve been left alone as it gets countered already by armor and shields. Makes no sense again.

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^^this. Totally! But not only that, they’re dabbling in a genre that they seem to have no practical experience with.

If only they would let the meta settle long enough to breathe without shaking it up again every update. Even little changes, to just a single move, have massive ripples which disturb the entire balance of the game. I can only condemn this change to Distracting Rampage as being over-blown and short-sighted and wonder how long they’ll take to revoke this ‘gross miscalculation’ and stupidity.


Guys calm down, they are not going to just change Pyirritator’s DR opening move, something else will change… surely?
At least say; “if this is the only change then… (it’s useless or whatever).

Maybe they should just have every dino in the game only able to use a basic 1x attack first, and then give all the dino’s a priority move so the faster higher level dino can go first on the second attack and make it quite boring to even want to pvp in the arena… or even during strike events for that matter…

People have been saying that Dracorex Gen2 was 100% broken since the update… now to fix that, ludia is making JWA 100% broken…

Sometimes it takes strategy to beat people that have higher level dinos and now this is taking a lot of that away… With priority moves and making DR a second move… would be lucky to even get a hit in with it unless you are evenly matched… maybe they will give the raptors more HP if they can’t use their life saving move first…

Maybe it will be time for me and my wife to step away from the game… only time will tell how this will play out in the long run though… but at first glance, it isn’t looking good in my opinion…

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Look at the Pyrritator : Distracting Rampage no delay anymore!

Looks like they change it recently. It’s better now. DR dinos are now usable in strike towers and arena again.