Change trophy allocations before starting new season

The season ends in 5 days. If the current system stays in place, Ludia will remove hundreds of thousands of trophies from the pool of available trophies via the reset before the new season starts. In the 30-30 system, there is no mechanism to add trophies back into the game, so the average player will finish next season in worse shape in the arena than this season.

The current matchmaking in Shores, which is redistributing trophies upward to the top 150-ish players, will continue to exacerbate the problem.

If there is not time for a significant rework, Ludia could simply institute a simple mechanism like +30 trophies for wins and -25 trophies for losses, which would add trophies back into the pool and give more players a sense of advancement.

The current policies are demoralizing to players who have steadily improved their teams only to make no progress in their trophy count or arena standing.